Why do Russian women prefer Western men?

Well, because Russian women . . .

  • ARE DISSATISFIED WITH RUSSIAN MEN!Many Russian women feel that Russian men lack the ambition to provide a stable, responsible, safe, and loving environment for their families. Russian women feel that they consistently take second place to their partner's social interests. Widespread and socially irresponsible drinking among Russian men is yet another common dilemma for Russian ladies.
  • OUTNUMBER "ELIGIBLE" RUSSIAN BACHELORS 4:1!According to a recent FOX television news program (A Current Affair), Russian women currently outnumber "eligible" Russian bachelors by a whopping 4 to 1! Therefore, each lovely lady may be competing with at least ten of her girlfriends for those few Russian men who do not demonstrate the traditional bad habits!
  • BELIEVE THAT MEN FROM WESTERN DEVELOPED COUNTRIES PUT THEIR FAMILIES FIRST!Russian women long for partners who place family values above all else! These ladies put family first, and they go to great lengths to ensure their family is well cared for. They desperately want partners who will do the same and it is widely believed that Western men possess these desirable character traits.
  • ARE LONGING TO BE TREATED LIKE WOMEN!Russian women enjoy being cherished and appreciated for their feminine characteristics and ability to please their partner. They're women and they love to be treated as such! They realize that Western men are very appreciative of women who are delicate, tender, loving, loyal, and who put their families first.
  • BELIEVE IN FATE!Most Russian women share a strong belief in the ancient myth that describes how each human soul was divided into two parts and scattered about the globe by an angered God. According to mythology, one half resides within her, while the other half dwells within a man in a far off land. As legend has it, if ever these soul mates should meet, they will form an unbreakable bond, resulting in the perfect match!

We could fill a novel attempting to list all of the desirable qualities Russian ladies possess. Below, you will gain some brief insight on what makes these extraordinary women "tick."


Russian women are generally very well educated and intelligent. They respect and admire their intellectual peers and colleagues. Literature, art, and theater also take on considerable importance in their lives. In Moscow alone, there reside over 140 music and drama theaters, 78 museums, and 142 art exhibition centers.


The Russian women who participate in our service come from several age brackets. While age is sometimes a determining factor when these ladies are searching for their correspondence partner, it is not uncommon for a Russian woman to seek an older, more established and financially stable man with whom to correspond.


Many Russian women may not fully comprehend the economic system of the U.S. Although slowly beginning to experience greater popularity as time passes, credit is still virtually non-existent in an unstable economy such as Russia's. Practically all financial transactions are conducted in cash. As a result, certain financial services that Westerners are all too familiar with (mortgages, car loans, credit cards) may be somewhat foreign to many Russian women.

Traditional Values

How would you describe a woman who practices traditional values? Would she be a stay-at-home mom who cooks, cleans, and cares for the children? While it's wrong to assume that all Russian women are content taking on the role mentioned above, many have preserved these traditional values. Having been raised in homes that encourage strong family ties, where qualities such as generosity and sincerity are impressed at a young age, Russian women will stop at nothing to help their family members during times of need. This makes for a women who is unwavering in the level of support she is willing to provide for her family.


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