Symbolized by the Crab, <b>Cancer</b> is one of the most caring and protective of all the signs. Family comes first and foremost in its life. While they are very much in tune with their own feelings, Cancerians often allow these emotions to get the best of them. This is due in part to the fact that <b>Cancer</b> wears its heart on its sleeve. An easily offended, overly sensitive nature can throw this sign from one mood to the next. To safeguard themselves, Cancerians will retreat into their protective shells, often assuming an emotionless outward appearance. <b>Cancer</b> can benefit from not taking everything so literally and realizing the world is not out to get them.
The <b>Dragon</b>, a bright and resolute sign, knows exactly what it wants and will exercise everything in its power to attain it. One of the most powerful and lucky signs, the <b>Dragon</b> exudes a genuinely charming charisma and is often the center of attention in social situations. While its ego can sometimes serve as a stumbling block, power is what the <b>Dragon</b> craves, and for good reason; dragons are opportunists, continuously searching for ways in which to strengthen their clout. To benefit from a more relaxed approach to life, Dragons should embody the principles of compassion and tolerance, and learn to balance their endeavors with an appreciation for the little things. The most compatible match for a <b>Dragon</b> is the <b>Monkey</b> or the <b>Rat</b>.
User ID 334925 
Age 33 
Height 5' 1" 
Weight 108 lbs. 
City Sevastopol 
Country Ukraine 
Are We Compatible? Cancer 
Are We Compatible? Dragon 
Eye Color Blue 
Hair Color Blonde 
Religion Christian 
English Skill Elementary (Speaks only a little, has limited vocabulary) - Needs Translation 
Drinking Occasionally/Rarely 
Smoking No 
Profession Manicurist 
Marital Status Never been married 
Children 1 
Wants Children Yes 
About Me Many people when hear the combination of words: lonely Mom at once think of the woman like about a loser, but they deeply mistaken. This woman has the greatest gift a human creature can have in this World - she has a child. I am the woman of many interests, my life is very diversified - on the one hand it is calm and settled because I am happy to have my dear son and at the same time I am filled with passion which I long to share with my future partner. I am open and smart, my life is full of dreams and desires, I live each minute like if it is the last one... Take time to look deeper in my soul - believe me, you will want to sink in it...
Looking For My partner knows how to treasure even the slightest moments of our life, he loves children and is ready to become a father. My man is strong but at the same time is not afraid to show his weakness to me, because we are all people and it is impossible to consist only of strong points. My man is the one who will complete me and at the same time will be completed by me...
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