<div><br/><span class='question'>Why have you decided to search for love online?</span><br/><span class='answer'>You never know where you can meet your special person. Why not to use all the possibilities of finding love. Nowadays technologies are so developed and with Internet the world seems to be smaller. With one click you can communicate with people from other parts of the planet. And you might be click away from finding love of your life!</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What are the qualities that you seek in your partner that are important to you?</span><br/><span class='answer'>I would be happy to find kind, caring and loving man, someone who can love me for who I am. I believe that communication is very important in relationship. And ability to compromise is great part of it. Man who can support me when times are tough and help me if help is needed.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What is your favorite part of your body?</span><br/><span class='answer'>I cannot say that I have my favorite part of the body. I like my eyes as I was told they are beautiful. I like my hair as I got many compliments on it and sometimes it gets weird as people try to pull it to see if it is real. I like my waist as it is very thin and many people didn’t believe that it is real until they saw it in real life.<br /> <br /> As people say you need to love yourself first and than people will love you. No one is perfect. And we should be happy with what we have and the way we look. In today’s world it is important to have good look as it helps to make good first impression. Being active and eating healthy helps me to have a great body.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What are your hobbies or interests? </span><br/><span class='answer'>I don’t have one hobby. I have many interests. I love travelling, exploring new places, trying new food, learning about new cultures. That’s why I went to US after I finished university. I was on cultural exchange and lived with American family. I had really great experience and my host family made me feel like I was part of their family. The husband treated wife with lots of love, care and respect. He was great father and always spend time with his daughters when he had a chance. I wish my father was this way. And I wish I could meet my future husband like this. Living in US opened my eyes; it was great life time experience. I also lived in California for 18 months as I was on the business management training there. Living in Los Angeles and travelling to other places in US, meeting people from different countries was a great experience. I am active person and I enjoy to spend time outside. When the weather is warm I like to go for a nice walk, hike or ride a bicycle.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>Are you a “morning person”, someone who is very happy and cheerful immediately after they wake up?</span><br/><span class='answer'>I’m not a morning person for sure. I am quiet in the morning and need to have some time to wake up. I do my morning exercise which helps me to wake up and stay fit. I also like to have yummy breakfast in the morning. One of my favorite is pancakes. I would be happy to make them for me special man. I really miss having maple syrup with pancake as in Ukraine they don’t sell it. I tried maple syrup when I was in US and found it very yummy. I always use a chance when I can to sleep in.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>If you could change one thing in all men, what would it be?</span><br/><span class='answer'>From my own experience I can tell that it is almost impossible to change someone. We are who we are and why would I want to change someone. We can grow together as a couple and help each other to achieve our goals together. Or we can compromise on things and avoid having conflicts.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What's your favorite place in the entire world? </span><br/><span class='answer'>I have been to a few places in the world. I like warm tropical places for vocation. So far Turks and Caicos was my favorite tropical place in the Caribbean region. I have never seen in my life such pure water and so many colorful fish while snorkeling. The while long sand beaches were amazing.<br /> <br /> I liked living in US. It is such a big country. Each state is so different. It was nice to visit New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco and other places. I would be happy to visit Hawaii, Alaska and also Grand Canyon, Sequoia National Park, Yellowstone Park and others.<br /> <br /> I have a dream to travel all over the world with my special man.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>Favorite movie of all time? Why so?</span><br/><span class='answer'>I don’t have one movie I like. I enjoy watching comedies, movies about future, actions. I like to watch positive movies with happy ends. Especially I enjoy watching romantic comedies. May be I am a bit old fashioned but I believe in finding one man for the rest of my life. And I would be happy to be that special princes for him.<br /> <br /> Most of the time I watch movies in original in English as when movies are being translated sometimes translation is not accurate.<br /> <br /> But definitely I like good company and yummy popcorn when watching movies.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>Let’s say I am visiting your city. What places I must visit to get a real sense of Ukrainian life?</span><br/><span class='answer'>Kiev is the biggest city of Ukraine and capital of Ukraine. There are many historical places, parks, museums. If you are interested in history I recommend visiting World War 2 museum, Pecherskaya Lavra (Orthodox Christian Monastery with caves), opened air museum of folk architecture and Ukrainian culture called Pirogovo and many others.<br /> <br /> If you enjoy walking there many old churches in the center of Kiev such as Sofia Church, Mikhailovskaia church, Andriivskaia church. There is famous opened air market on Andriivskaia street. It is knows as Andriivskiy uzviz. You can shop for hand made souvenirs there.<br /> <br /> As for dining I definitely recommend visiting Ukrainian restaurant called “Shchekavytsia”. It is restaurant in the old part of the city designed like old Ukrainian house and they offer all kinds of traditional Ukrainian meals for you.<br /> <br /> There is also really nice place called “Pervak” near by the Chreshchatyk street. You can try there Ukrainian and European food.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What should we know about you that we'd never think to ask about?</span><br/><span class='answer'>I have a big sweet tooth. Don’t try to eat my chocolate or hide it from me! I think it is my biggest weakness and addiction. My favorite is dark chocolate. There is never too much chocolate! I can eat as much chocolate as I can. It doesn’t hurt me. I don’t gain weigh.<br /> <br /> If I am having a hard day and feel a bit down even a small piece of chocolate makes me feel better. If I don’t have anyone to give me a hug chocolate always helps :)<br /> <br /> As for the dessert places I recommend going to Lviv handmade chocolate place. You can find any kind of chocolate candies, chocolate bars, chocolate animals, chocolate flowers, chocolate hearts and many others. You can also try there melted chocolate and enjoy romantic atmosphere of the nice small café.</span></div>
Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, is considered to be the largest city in the country. Located in the North on the Dnieper River, Kiev is a city that has managed to overcome centuries of drastic change to become a shining monument to Russian strength and beauty. In the city's roughly 2.7 million inhabitants one can find some of the most beautiful women in all of the Ukraine. <br /> The name Kiev actually comes from another name- Kyi, one of the four legendary founders of the city during the 5th Century. Throughout this time Kiev has become the cultural centre of the East Slavic civilization. The city also hosts some of the region's most important holy sites such as the Kiev Pechersk Lavra (the Monastery of the Caves) and the Saint Sophia Cathedral, both of which are part of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine collection. Along with these important sites Kiev also has numerous theaters and museums for locals and visitors to enjoy. The Kiev Opera House, Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater, Kiev Puppet Theater, and October Palace are landmarks that the casual traveler should visit when visiting the city. <br /> For those interested in seeing what Kiev has to offer in the way of nightlife there are plenty of attractions to keep you busy. Football, ice hockey, and even basketball are very popular spectator sports which can be viewed at the Lobanovsky Dynamo Stadium and the Palace of Sports. There are also numerous cafes, nightclubs, and restaurants to enjoy along the city center. Transportation is also available through means such as buses, trolleys, trains, and of course taxis. <br /> Kiev is a city that continues to grow and adapt to the ever-changing world around it. If you are ever thinking about visiting the Ukraine it would be a shame to pass up such a wonderful experience as this beautiful city. <br />
Symbolized by the Lion, <b>Leo</b> is the most dominant of all the signs. Born leaders, Leonians are ambitious, outgoing, and strong willed. Yet, their lust for power can sometimes turn these spontaneous extroverts into overbearing dictators. With a propensity toward self-worship, the vain <b>Leo</b> exudes confidence and likes to showoff. Their radiant personality serves to influence and inspire all in their midst. In their private lives, Leonians are warm and affectionate. <b>Leo</b> can benefit from relinquishing center stage every once in a while so someone else can bask in the spotlight.
Possessing excellent taste, the <b>Rat</b>, a sign everyone quickly learns to love or hate, has no qualms about showing off its style in public. With an innate charm and humorous demeanor, the <b>Rat</b> proves an engaging friend for most anyone. Behind that disarming exterior though, Rats are ardent promoters of their own agendas. Its own interests, often including money, motivate this sign; it's natural gifts of charm and persuasion are often instrumental in getting what it wants. The <b>Rat</b> continuously seeks out new information, storing it away for a time when it is most needed. This ever-inquisitive sign also welcomes challenges as a way to stay sharp. Rats enjoy being on the outside looking in, as the outside affords a different perspective and often-advantageous outlook. Rats must learn to consider others above themselves, at least sometimes, if they hope to attain true happiness. The most compatible match for a <b>Rat</b> is the <b>Dragon</b> or the <b>Monkey</b>.
User ID 426053 
Age 37 
Height 5' 7" 
Weight 110 lbs. 
City Kiev&nbsp;<a href=# onclick="GetCityDescription('Kiev');">Learn More about Kiev!</a> 
Country Ukraine 
Are We Compatible? Leo 
Are We Compatible? Rat 
Eye Color Gray 
Hair Color Blonde 
Religion Christian 
English Skill Fluent (Speaks fluently, although speaks with an accent) 
Drinking No 
Smoking No 
Profession interpreter 
Marital Status Never been married 
Children None 
Wants Children Undecided 
About Me I am very positive, romantic, kind, loving, caring and sociable person. I really enjoy travelling, discovering new places, meeting new people. I love to spend time outside, love ocean and mountains.
Looking For Simple man who enjoys life and knows how to make his beloved person happy.
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