The third largest city in Ukraine is also one of the most culturally significant in the region. Dnipropetrovsk is a bustling metropolis which has played a great role in the nation's history and continues to stand out as a thriving community. Located on the Dnieper River, Dnipropetrovsk was once a closed city due to its military and scientific industry. This changed in the 1990's when it was once again reopened to visitors from all over the globe. Not only does the city have a wonderful history but it also has no lack of entertainment for both tourists and locals alike.<br /> Dnipropetrovsk has a rich history that stretches back almost 100,000 years ago when the Cumans first inhabited the area. To this day there is a museum featuring amazing stone works of art from these ancient people, a historically and culturally important landmark for visitors to see. During the height of the Cold War the city was the center of the Russian Space Program as well as various ballistic missile bases. Because of this, Dnipropetrovsk was a closed city until the 1990's. <br /> Today there are a numerous things to see in this great city. Opera houses and Museums are of course always available, but there are also several remarkable parks for one to enjoy on a beautiful day. Next to the Museum of History and the Diorama for the "Battle for the Dnieper River", the large Taras Shevchenko Park is the perfect place to see all that Dnipropetrovsk has to offer. One must also not forget Monastyrsky Island, which was host to a large Byzantine monastery built by monks in the 9th century. For those looking for more modern accommodations there are also cafes, restaurants, clubs, and of course a wonderful beach to enjoy. <br /> Dnipropetrovsk has been called home by a great many famous people throughout the world. Boris Sagal, Olympic Gold Medalist Oksana Baiul, Victor Kravchenko, NFL Defensive Tackle Igor Olshansky, and many other Dnipropetrovsk natives are well known throughout the region. The city is also home to thousands of beautiful Ukrainian women, many of whom can be found right on our site. Take some time to learn about this wonderful place, you might be surprised what you find. <br />
Symbolized by the Bull, Taureans possess extreme determination and a will to succeed. As a result, their stubborn attitude may alienate them from others. Nonetheless, to their friends, they are extremely loyal and reliable. Self-indulgent, the <b>Taurus</b> revels in fine food, drink, and lavish surroundings. With a materialistic bent, the finer things in life take precedent in a Taurean's eye. Usually good natured and slow to anger, they make for faithful spouses and loving parents. <b>Taurus</b> can benefit from curbing its obstinate nature and realizing that those with the most toys don't always win.
The transient <b>Horse</b> lives for the open road, reveling in its sojourns with the energy of a mighty stallion. Horses crave love and intimacy. Yet, relationships present themselves as a cruel catch-22, making the Horse feel trapped and confined. Fortunately, fresh love connections are always within reach, as this sign exudes the kind of natural sex appeal that others find irresistible. Given to random fancies, Horses tend to lose sight of the big picture, resulting in a trail of unfinished business. Ironically though, this sign is skilled at motivating those around it. Possessing poise and a commanding presence, the <b>Horse</b> can stimulate a crowd with ease. Once it finds some inner peace, the <b>Horse</b> can curb that wandering soul and learn to appreciate what's on its side of the fence. The most compatible match for a <b>Horse</b> is the <b>Dog</b> or the <b>Tiger</b>.
User ID 392289 
Age 31 
Height 5' 9" 
Weight 126 lbs. 
City Dnepropetrovsk&nbsp;<a href=# onclick="GetCityDescription('Dnepropetrovsk');">Learn More about Dnepropetrovsk!</a> 
Country Ukraine 
Are We Compatible? Taurus 
Are We Compatible? Horse 
Eye Color Blue 
Hair Color Dark Brown 
Religion Christian 
English Skill Elementary (Speaks only a little, has limited vocabulary) - Needs Translation 
Drinking Occasionally/Rarely 
Smoking No 
Profession economist 
Marital Status Never been married 
Children None 
Wants Children Yes 
About Me If you are reading my profile Im already extremely grateful to you for your attention. Im here to find my love and I do believe in a happy end of our fairy tale. You will never be disappointed because I dont hide my inner world, I will be sincere and open with you and you will have an opportunity to understand me easily with every our date. As every true woman of course I have a mystery, but in general Im a simple person, who can be an intelligent luxury charming woman and joyful happy little girl at the same time. I can be strong, when you are weak, and I will be weak sometimes and need your strong shoulder to feel safe. Im ready for everything, for moving in your country, for being with you and create our happy family, fighting with all little troubles on our way. I love listening to music reading, dancing, communicating with my friends. I think we can enjoy similar things if we feel love to each other. =
Looking For Every one of us drew a picture of ideal relationships from his childhood, but when we are getting older and have some experience behind our back we start to see that ideal relationships cant exist without troubles and worries. But some people are ready to manage everything and be happy together in spite of anything and I am one of them. I know that compromises and frank pure feelings will cope with all the possible problems two people in a couple should only believe in it and look in one direction in the future. Im looking for the simplest things in a man faithfulness and honesty. Please, do not hesitate to write to me, because who knows, maybe this hesitation will ruin our happiness together =
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