Symbolized by the Fish, <b>Pisces</b> is mild mannered and content to "go with the flow". Known for their adaptability, Pisceans possess creative, intuitive minds. This serves them well as the average Pisces has extraordinary artistic talent. <b>Pisces</b> is known for its sensitive, empathetic nature. Self-sacrificing, this sign puts others' needs before its own, often being taken advantage of as a result. <b>Pisces</b> will respond with the utmost sympathy and tact toward any suffering it encounters. Pisceans can benefit from standing up for themselves and being more selective with those they help.
Sensible and inventive, Roosters are quick thinkers and keenly observant. Above all else, the <b>Rooster</b> tells it like it is and admires others who follow suit. Upon finding the right match, the somewhat conservative <b>Rooster</b> can prove an extremely loyal and supportive mate. A perfectionist, with a need for control, whether it be over its appearance, environment, or peers, this sign expects its inner circle to abide by the same strict standards of dress and conduct as it does. Snazzy dressers, Roosters revel in style and class. Learning to value the heart and soul as much as good looks is an important lesson this sign should heed as well as respecting others for who they are, instead of trying to make them someone they aren't. The most compatible match for a <b>Rooster</b> is the <b>Ox</b> or the <b>Snake</b>.
User ID 207284 
Age 52 
Height 5' 7" 
Weight 134 lbs. 
City Poltava 
Country Ukraine 
Are We Compatible? Pisces 
Are We Compatible? Rooster 
Eye Color Gray 
Hair Color Blonde 
Religion Christian 
English Skill Poor (Can only read/write with the help of a Dictionary) - Needs Translation 
Drinking Occasionally/Rarely 
Smoking No 
Profession a cosmetologist 
Marital Status Divorced 
Children 1 
Wants Children No 
About Me As all people in the world I am not perfect and have merits and demerits. I have a calm character. I am an acquiescent person, but I can not say that I am gentle. I am sincere, kind and not envious person. I am of principle and punctual. I try not to stop on reached results and go ahead. On other hand I am a little irresolute woman. I try to accept the demerits of other people. But I don’t like insincere and false people. I try to lead an active style of life. I like to go in for sports especially I prefer physiotherapy exercises and training apparatus. I am fond of listening to instrumental and romantic music, dancing. I adore a blue sea, a hot sun and gold sand. I like to have a rest at the seashore. I like animals, especially cats, that’s why I adore visiting a show of cats. Also I adore visiting theatres and concerts.
Looking For I want to meet an intelligence and well-educated man with high moral principles. He should be close to me and share some of my interests and thoughts. I would like my special man can support, respect and love me and my son. And I will try to do the same.
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