<div><br/><span class='question'>Why have you decided to search for love online?</span><br/><span class='answer'>I think the internet is a wonderful way to help me find my soul mate, not only in my country but all over the world, and I definitely will find him. What if he lives abroad? If not for the internet I would never meet him. That’s why I want to use every possible approach so as not to continue to be lonely without my second half. I will find the man that will understand me, even without words. I am sure that my soul mate lives somewhere on this earth and waits for me patiently. <br /> <br /> <i><b>What do you find most appealing in a man?</i></b><br /> Intelligence and manners are very important to me. Only someone intelligent with good manners can build the right relationship between a man and a woman. Only a man with high moral values would respect and value me. I also like when a man takes care of himself. A well groomed man that smells good will always attract good people.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>Share with us about your life and family...</span><br/><span class='answer'>I live with my two girls in my own apartment. I have two beautiful princesses. Alina is 12 years old and Oleksandra is 7. I love kids and wouldn’t mind to have one more child. My evenings are filled with cooking dinner and helping my kids with their homework. Then I prepare everything needed for the next day.<br /> <br /> I work for a real estate company. My work is very interesting and I meet new people every day. It can be difficult sometimes to get from the one end of town to the other without a car, but I like to make my customers happy. I feel like I am taking take part in their lives, helping them to find the house of their dreams where they will live with their happy family. And this is what’s worth to make all the efforts for my customer.<br /> <br /> On weekends I forget about my work and devote all my time to my girls. We live near beautiful park and small lake and we like to walk there in nice weather. <br /> </span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>Share with us some of your dreams...</span><br/><span class='answer'><i><b>Share with us your dreams…</i></b><br /> Quote: I have a dream to be a teardrop , that will fall down on his cheek and die on his lips. I dream about the real love to the last breath. Maybe someone will say that this may happen only in fairytales but I am sure that the real fairytale comes to those people who truly believe in it. My greatest dream is my own family. I have been dreaming about that since my childhood. Family is very important for me and I will do my best to make us happy.<br /> <br /> <i><b>Is there anyone in history you wish you could meet with just one day?</i></b><br /> That person is my father. When I was little he left our family. Since then I have dreamed that when I grew up I would meet him and prove to him his mistake for leaving. I dreamed to look into his eyes and ask “Why?” and show him what I had become without him: a self-sufficient woman, a great mother and wonderful wife. But all that anger disappeared when I saw him sick. Looking at his suffering; I forgave everything.<br /> </span></div>
Symbolized by the Crab, <b>Cancer</b> is one of the most caring and protective of all the signs. Family comes first and foremost in its life. While they are very much in tune with their own feelings, Cancerians often allow these emotions to get the best of them. This is due in part to the fact that <b>Cancer</b> wears its heart on its sleeve. An easily offended, overly sensitive nature can throw this sign from one mood to the next. To safeguard themselves, Cancerians will retreat into their protective shells, often assuming an emotionless outward appearance. <b>Cancer</b> can benefit from not taking everything so literally and realizing the world is not out to get them.
Monkeys tend to be the most outgoing of the signs. Charismatic and lively, they welcome activity and stimulation of all sorts. Harboring an upbeat attitude and bright mind, the <b>Monkey</b> prefers to be knowledgeable on many fronts, and they're not afraid to show off their gray matter. Lacking strict morals, Monkeys enjoy pursuing their own pleasure, whether it be manifest in relationships or their everyday lives. This makes for an exciting lover, but a lover that is prone to unfaithfulness as well. Fixated with their own desires, Monkeys sometimes overindulge in food, alcohol, and other pleasures. To fully benefit from the world around them, Monkeys should realize others' needs before their own and exercise some self-control. The most compatible match for a <b>Monkey</b> is the <b>Rat</b> or the <b>Dragon</b>.
User ID 299000 
Age 41 
Height 5' 6" 
Weight 121 lbs. 
City Ternopol 
Country Ukraine 
Are We Compatible? Cancer 
Are We Compatible? Monkey 
Eye Color Gray 
Hair Color Light Brown 
Religion Christian 
English Skill Elementary (Speaks only a little, has limited vocabulary) - Needs Translation 
Drinking No 
Smoking No 
Profession real estate 
Marital Status Divorced 
Children 2 
Wants Children Undecided 
About Me My name is Lilia. You know, there is such a flower Lilia. I resemble it to some extent. I am as tender and delicate as this flower. I blossom and shine with a beauty and happiness, when someone takes care about me and &#8220;fertilize&#8221; with complements, attention, tenderness and care. Attention! I fade away when being treated with cruelty and indifference! But I am not only beautiful outside as a flower, and think that my inner world will not let you be indifferent. : I like comfort at home, to entertain guests and cook a delicious apple pie together with my girls I will definitely make it for you when you come here and be sure that only the taste of it will make you stay with me forever I like to spend free time under the air and it doesn&#8217;t matter if it is a quiet evening near the lake, or if it is active cycle race with friends. I am such a flower.
Looking For The flower is looking for the gardener. Distinctive marks: kind, caring, supportive, the one who understands the flower and make her blossom all year round. The one who is ready to love me and protect from all the winds and heavy rains. He would be my support in everything and best friend. The gardeners usually are devoting all their free time for taking care about their garden and do this with great love and dedication. I am not trying to occupy 100 of your time, I don&#8217;t want you to think so, lol, but I would like to spend my evenings with you, my man:= I want to find such the one, for whom I would be the whole world and not just one of the flowers in a beautiful garden.
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