Symbolized by the Crab, <b>Cancer</b> is one of the most caring and protective of all the signs. Family comes first and foremost in its life. While they are very much in tune with their own feelings, Cancerians often allow these emotions to get the best of them. This is due in part to the fact that <b>Cancer</b> wears its heart on its sleeve. An easily offended, overly sensitive nature can throw this sign from one mood to the next. To safeguard themselves, Cancerians will retreat into their protective shells, often assuming an emotionless outward appearance. <b>Cancer</b> can benefit from not taking everything so literally and realizing the world is not out to get them.
A keen intelligence and instinctual reasoning describe this sign's character. Basking in popularity and having the tact of a seasoned diplomat, the <b>Snake</b> is a master of seduction. Often proving an irresistible and generous lover, Snakes are nevertheless sometimes insecure, harboring jealous and possessive tendencies. Snakes are usually cautious and approach a situation analytically. At the same time, their intuitive reasoning generally opts for gut instincts in favor of logic. In general, Snakes are chivalrous and generous, but they must develop humility and confidence from within to truly gain the most from life. The most compatible match for a <b>Snake</b> is the <b>Rooster</b> or the <b>Ox</b>.
User ID 300790 
Age 29 
Height 5' 5" 
Weight 110 lbs. 
City Nikolaev 
Country Ukraine 
Are We Compatible? Cancer 
Are We Compatible? Snake 
Eye Color Gray 
Hair Color Light Brown 
Religion Christian 
English Skill Proficient (Able to converse with little to no trouble) 
Drinking No 
Smoking No 
Profession Student 
Marital Status Never been married 
Children None 
Wants Children Yes 
About Me Actually a lot of things are interesting to me. I like to look good and attractive that’s why I take care of my appearance. I like swimming, because it is not a secret that swimming trains the whole body. Sometimes I like to draw… Maybe one fine day you will see my drawings : Of course I am interested in music and frankly speaking I can’t live without it! I know that when my mood in not perfect, I can turn on my player and listen to favorite tracks… Maybe it sounds unusual, but music is able to influence my mood and sometimes it even helps me to change my mind and raise my mood. Sometimes I like to listen to romantic music when I have appropriate circumstances. But it is not entertaining to listen to it alone… Also I like photography and of course I like to be photographed, but I am confident that you’ve already noticed it.
Looking For Maybe I dream too much, but I do believe that man, who is perfect only for me exists, who will respect, cherish and adore me. I do not want you to think that I look for perfection. I just know that somewhere, maybe even far from me, only MY man misses me as much as I miss him… I know that strong and sincere relationships would never appear if people are not ready for compromises. I want MY man to be understanding, loyal, optimistic, reliable, and honest with me… Maybe man who possesses all these features is utopian, but as you probably know, woman always wants more : It is just a joke : I can’t describe my perfect man… I just know that having seen HIM I would feel everything I dream about. I want to see HIM as soon as possible, because I am sick of loneliness.
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