Symbolized by the Lion, <b>Leo</b> is the most dominant of all the signs. Born leaders, Leonians are ambitious, outgoing, and strong willed. Yet, their lust for power can sometimes turn these spontaneous extroverts into overbearing dictators. With a propensity toward self-worship, the vain <b>Leo</b> exudes confidence and likes to showoff. Their radiant personality serves to influence and inspire all in their midst. In their private lives, Leonians are warm and affectionate. <b>Leo</b> can benefit from relinquishing center stage every once in a while so someone else can bask in the spotlight.
The <b>Dragon</b>, a bright and resolute sign, knows exactly what it wants and will exercise everything in its power to attain it. One of the most powerful and lucky signs, the <b>Dragon</b> exudes a genuinely charming charisma and is often the center of attention in social situations. While its ego can sometimes serve as a stumbling block, power is what the <b>Dragon</b> craves, and for good reason; dragons are opportunists, continuously searching for ways in which to strengthen their clout. To benefit from a more relaxed approach to life, Dragons should embody the principles of compassion and tolerance, and learn to balance their endeavors with an appreciation for the little things. The most compatible match for a <b>Dragon</b> is the <b>Monkey</b> or the <b>Rat</b>.
User ID 450177 
Age 32 
Height 5' 10" 
Weight 128 lbs. 
City Sumy 
Country Ukraine 
Are We Compatible? Leo 
Are We Compatible? Dragon 
Eye Color Gray 
Hair Color Blonde 
Religion Christian 
English Skill Intermediate (Able to correspond via email, struggles with live conversation) 
Drinking No 
Smoking No 
Profession advertising manager 
Marital Status Never been married 
Children None 
Wants Children Yes 
About Me Despite my young age I am a accomplished, mature personality, I know what I want and always reach the wishful goals. I am said to be a flaring girl, i.e. with a vivid mind, gentle soul and responsive heart. I am a multi-faceted person and a long list of my hobbies testify to my love for life! I adore different outdoor activities like riding a bicycle, making pictures of nature, traveling, dancing all night long, strolling about the night city and herewith I spend lots of time being lost in reverie, reading poetry, thinking about life and its sense...Smart and lucky person like me can be the channel of your inspiration. I can teach you how to delight life to the fullest. I will be able to illuminate the way to the happiness and colourful future for you if you are adroit enough to notice the spark of my soul
Looking For I am searching for selfish, evil, rough, ill-bred, false and disrespectful man to enlighten his mind and to bring his lost soul back to the right road! and...I am also looking for a kind-hearted, clever, sincere, diligent and reliable man to inflame his life with a new light and to arouse his life enthusiasm!
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