Symbolized by the Scorpion, <b>Scorpio</b> is an intensely emotional sign. With deep running sensitivity, Scorpios are prone to emotional outbursts and quick to detect injury (often when none was intended). Possessing immense willpower, Scorpios will fight vigorously to reach their desired goal. They make loyal friends and are very supportive of those who give them emotional security. Scorpios can benefit from learning to laugh at themselves.
A perfectionist, when it comes to impeccable manners and luxurious taste, the <b>Pig</b> is perhaps the most honorable sign. Due to its humble and accommodating nature, this sign usually places others before itself. Friends and family are of great importance in the Pig's life and it works hard to keep this inner circle happy. Pigs prove to be gentle companions in part because they are non-confrontational and sometimes refuse to acknowledge the negative aspects of their partner; the latter can prove problematic, as this sign is often taken advantage of in a relationship. Very intelligent, and dedicated to the search for higher knowledge, Pigs appreciate the finer things in life, and aren't afraid to show it. While they can be extraordinary life partners, Pigs have a habit of shutting everyone out in favor of those who cherish them the most; if they realize there's more to life than being needed, they will be better able to appreciate themselves. The most compatible match for a <b>Pig</b> is the <b>Rabbit</b> or the <b>Goat</b>.
User ID 460857 
Age 35 
Height 5' 6" 
Weight 110 lbs. 
City Cherkassy 
Country Ukraine 
Are We Compatible? Scorpio 
Are We Compatible? Pig 
Eye Color Hazel 
Hair Color Black 
Religion Christian 
English Skill Intermediate (Able to correspond via email, struggles with live conversation) 
Drinking No 
Smoking No 
Profession designer/artist 
Marital Status Divorced 
Children 1 
Wants Children Undecided 
About Me What I can tell you about myself, not being able to look at myself, unlike other people who call me Marina, woman, daughter, mother... But who am I indeed? I am sure you had the opportunity to read thousands of profiles, but all of them say nothing about the person himself, and only shows his current conditioning environment, which depends on many subjective things. I wonder, why none of the questionnaire does not have very interesting graphs like: Are you yourself? or Are you happy? I have been told I need to become someone, but I would like to stay myself. You have already seen the pictures of my body, but how much they say about my personality. I do not think that body is so important, as it is changing, getting older and eventually dies. Moreover, these photos show only what photographer had seen at the moment. They cannot show that I perceive the world - not by my mind but heart, not through logic but through experience/feelings. I do not want to be involved in fun games that are accepted in society. I am only interested in one thing - Trust. Only complete trust defines my attitude to the world, and to people. And if I come in contact with people who have the same confidence, we can give each other the whole world. But when there are estimates of the mind a way it usually happens I cannot do anything to this person. My mind is free, and therefore I cannot say what I think, and just say what I feel.
Looking For I bet I am only one who is not looking for anyone and do you know why? Because my Only and One is always with me, in my heart, in my soul. And there is no time or distance between us, as we live in each others existence. For a person who has ever had distinguished love of high perfection the favorite image remains forever and ever stays with him! I also believe that everything happens for reason! If you are reading these lines right now, it means that you take a chance to be that Only and One! At least you know that you have a place to live soul! SMILE!!
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